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Find out about all the property exhibitions/shows we will be attending in 2024, and bring your home to the International property market at some of the world’s leading property shows.

We are pleased to announce that we will be present at a high number of shows.   A Place in the Sun, and Second Home Expo throughout 2024. Offering sellers the unique opportunity for us to take their home with us and offer it for sale, openining doors to new possibilities. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sell your home in an environment full of enthusiastic potential buyers?  

We love these events, we meet lots of new people who are looking for expert help to know how they can turn a dream into reality.  Grupo Platinum Estates have been helping to realize dreams since 2010.

A Place In The Sun Live Manchester 2019
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3 – 4 February

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1 – 3 March

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3 – 5 May

Logo Birmingham 2024

20 – 22 September

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5 – 6 October

The Second Home Expo is the live meeting place to be involved in the continuously changing second home market. We receive many buyers here, and organise the start of their journey to their new life in Spain.  

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The events we will be attending so far, there are more options we are investigating.

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19/10/24 – 20/10/24

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15/02/25 – 16/02/25

Why participate in these events?

  • International Exposure: Access a global audience of potential buyers, adn an incredible opportunity for our sellers to showcase their homes.
  • Personalised Advice: Our team of experts are on hand to answer all questions and provide clients with personalised guiance.
  • Unique Opportunities: Discover new possibilities and find the perfect buyer for the properties we have to offer.

Get ready to embark on this exciting real estate adventure with us! 

Stay tuned for more details about each show and how you can join us in bringing your home to A Place in the Sun and Second Home Expo.

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