About the AIPP (Association of International Property Professionals)

We are proud to be members of the Association of International Property Professionals. AIPP.

What does this badge mean?

The badge of AIPP membership is a reminder to you, the consumer, that a company must follow professional standards and act with honesty, integrity and transparency. When you see that a company is a Member of the AIPP, it means that they have voluntarily agreed to follow and be bound by the industry Code of Conduct.

By using AIPP Members to buy property overseas, you get:

  • REASSURANCE that a Member must act professionally
  • RECOURSE to the AIPP if problems occur

Take comfort from the fact that AIPP Members have voluntarily agreed to self-regulation; AIPP’s qualification requirements are based on professional experience. All member companies have also agreed to be bound by the organisations Disciplinary and Dispute Resolution Procedures. The AIPP has taken action against its own members and will continue to do so where suitable.

The AIPPs ultimate aim is to have all companies selling international property working to AIPP standards. As such the market would be a better, safer environment for you, the buyer of property overseas.

How companies become AIPP members

For companies to qualify for membership, the AIPP ask for a trading history in the international property market (of at least 3 years). Alternatively, some Members qualify on the basis that the person (or one of the people) running the company has extensive previous experience of, or relevant to, the international property industry. All applicant companies must provide third party references, and all applicants sign a declaration confirming that they follow all applicable laws in any relevant country, including the need to be licensed wherever applicable.

Important note about the service provided by the AIPP

The AIPP provide free and impartial information to UK citizens about buying a foreign property. The AIPP does not sell property, but it is an association made up of property sellers & associated companies who voluntarily subscribe to the AIPP code of conduct. 

The AIPP does not underwrite the business activities of its members. AIPP does monitor and enforce its code of conduct and does, from time to time, take disciplinary proceedings against members that may lead to their sanction – but expulsion from the AIPP is the ultimate sanction we can impose. In common with other trade organisations, the AIPP does not underwrite for the benefit of members of the public any shortcomings or negligent acts by its members.

That said, AIPP members are also subscribed to the independent and specialist The Property Ombudsman service. Members of the public can, at no cost to themselves, make a complaint about an AIPP member which, if upheld by The Property Ombudsman, could lead to an award of compensation being made to the complainant of up to £25,000 – such an award being payable by the AIPP member. 

We are proud to be members of the Association of International Property Professionals, Since 2010. Making the property market a safer place.