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Huércal-Overa is a market town that sits along the side of the Almanzora River.  The town is a merge of two medieval settlements – Huercal and Overa.

The town and surrounding area have a thriving agriculture industry, mainly for lead mining and agriculture in the region. The town has a population of just under 14,000 inhabitants.

Natural area

Much of the surrounding countryside is desert-like; many visitors remark that the area is more like Arizona or Australia, than the Mediterranean coast. However, a few years ago a pine plantation was planted close to Huercal Overa – the first in the area for some 500 years. The forest is part of a long-term project to transform much of the area into lush greenery. The trees include almonds, oak and eucalyptus, as well as the ubiquitous palm.

Market Town

Market day is Monday and much of the town is taken over by the market where you can buy a vast array of local fresh produce, household items and clothing. Huercal Overa benefits from good facilities with hotels, restaurants, hospital and municipal swimming pool, and leisure centers.  The beaches of San Juan de los Terreros are just a 20-minute drive away.


The towns religious architecture is very impressive and visitors should take some time to visit the Nuestra Seňora de la Asunción church, founded in 1505, La Asunción de la Virgen built in 1748 and the Chapel of Jesús Nazareno founded in 1749 which houses a beautiful statue of Jesús of Nazareno.

Other interesting monuments and buildings are a bell tower, dating back to the Middle Ages, the old granary (Pósito) and the Via Crucis, which takes you to the Hermitage del Calvario.

Local Festivals

During Easter Week a procession heads through the town of Huercal Overa, which celebrates the Passion of Christ. Statues are carried on floats by figures in white, brown or black robes; a religious spectacle which has been designated a National Tourist Attraction.

You also have a local week-long fiesta in the month of September with music, theatre, carnival and the streets are full of traditional food stalls and fairground rides.


Protected by the Sierra Cabrera mountains, Huercal Overa enjoys a perfect all-year-round Mediterranean climate. In the sub-tropical environment temperatures rarely fall below 18ºC. During May-June the temperature rises to 30ºC and during July and August it can get much hotter with temperatures averaging 40ºC. The winters are mild and mostly dry, although the winter evenings can get chilly.