The Platinum Estates Group team will attend A place in the Sun in Birmingham.

After a remarkable exhibition experience at Manchester in March 2022, we are thrilled to unveil our participation in the upcoming event from the 22rd to the 24th of September at Birminghan Central.

As the exclusive and sole representative of the Almería area, we are prepared to make our mark at this prestigious gathering.

Our dedicated team will be readily available to engage in insightful conversations concerning your diverse property requirements. We earnestly aspire to assist you in embarking on the pivotal journey towards acquiring your envisioned dream home.

Amidst an unwavering aspiration to claim their very own “A Place in the Sun” a resounding eagerness persists among individuals, spanning diverse corners of the globe, seeking properties overseas and second homes.

We extend to you a unique opportunity to engage in conversations with our team, alongside accomplished professionals who reside and operate within coveted regions such as Spain, Portugal, France, Florida, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus.

During the event, an impressive array of international property agents will be in attendance, armed with a multitude of offerings to transform your aspiration of owning property abroad into a reality. Furthermore, the exhibition showcases a variety of service providers poised to offer insightful guidance on legal intricacies, taxation matters, healthcare considerations, financial consultations, currency transfers, and seamless relocations.

We eagerly anticipate your presence at this remarkable gathering. Your journey towards realizing your overseas property dreams awaits.

Indispensable Insights

No matter where you currently stand in your quest for the perfect property – whether it’s a cherished dream or a decisive leap you’re contemplating – rest assured that the event is brimming with indispensable insights.

Delve into a wealth of seminars, illuminating presentations, and thought-provoking discussions, all led by seasoned experts who reside and operate within the very countries that have captured your interest. Their wealth of knowledge is poised to empower you in conducting thorough research, making your property journey an informed and successful one.

Access Invaluable Expertise

Gathered within the event are a comprehensive lineup of legal professionals, seasoned tax experts, and currency specialists. They stand ready with the latest and most accurate insights, collectively constituting a valuable repository of information.

This immersive experience truly encompasses all the essential data and adept guidance necessary to steer your decisions in the right direction. Engaging with this unparalleled assemblage offers an exceptional chance to engage in conversations with a multitude of experts, all under one roof, within a single day.


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