Grupo Platinum Estates 11th Anniversary


Gerda & Luk’s experience with us

We, Gerda and Luk were planning to buy something in Spain…! But how does it work, what are the pitfalls, who or what can be trusted, etc.? We had contact with several real estate agencies, but one stood out! We had contact with Grupo Platinum Estates, where we immediately received a full explanation in our own Dutch language of how such a sale works. Also, the cooperation with the lawyer, also Dutch, was very comfortable to communicate with. What was special, we got an answer (email) to any question almost every time very quickly! Also, the viewing trip was controlled by the real estate office, you just have to be ready at 02:30 in the morning for them to pick us up and take us to a place to stay, much appreciated! We were guided very well, again many thanks for that.