Mojacar is located in the Spanish province of Almeria on the Costa de Almeria. The Moorish old town of Mojacar is perched high on a hill looking down on 17kms of unspoilt beaches. From a distance, the town looks like a traditional Andalusian village clinging to the sides of the hilltop

Situated between the mountains of the Sierra Cabrera and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, Mojacar is the largest and one of the most popular tourist centers of this south-eastern corner of Spain.

The captivating town with whitewashed ancient buildings, a labyrinth of winding cobbled streets and alleys, and romantic courtyards. The old town affords magnificent views of the mountains and the popular Mojacar Playa.


The history of Mojacar actually dates back 4000 years to the Bronze Age around 2000BC, however, the name Mojacar derives from its Moorish occupation and the Arab word “Munsaqar”. The moors defended the town against the Christian armies for hundreds of years until King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel reclaimed it in the late 15th century.

Mojacar remains true to its Moorish legacy with its old Moorish fortress and the Mudejar architecture the area still evokes an Arabic aura. Under a law passed in 1987, the Arab architecture here will be preserved for posterity and for the joy of visitors who are enamored with its ambiance.

When visiting the old town of Mojacar you will notice a symbol painted on many of the homes. The symbol is that of the Indalo Man, an icon of the province of Almeria, which depicts the Neolithic painting found in the caves of Letreros in Velez Blanco. The icon is said to be a man holding an arc with magic powers that protect the area against storms and the ‘evil eye’. Superstition has made it the custom for people to paint this symbol on the Arabic ‘Hamsa’ symbol on their front doors.

Local Festivals

Each summer the locals honour their Arab ancestors with a spectacular Moors and Christians festival, complete with extravagant costumes, Arab sabres and mock street battles


Mojacar Playa situated below the ancient village provides a completely different atmosphere; a modern lively resort town which has been tastefully developed in keeping with the traditional feel of the area, boasting 9 kilometers of sandy beaches and great facilities – restaurants, traditional bars, shops, villas, and apartments line the seafront.

The area provides plenty of activities for the foreign holidaymaker whilst retaining its traditional Spanish charm and character.

The other local beaches stretch along 17 kilometers, much of which is unspoilt and has been designated an area of outstanding natural beauty. There are no less than three Blue European Flag Awards on the beaches for cleanliness. There is a good range of beach and watersport facilities available – sailing, fishing, and golf, to mention a few.

Mojacar Gossip

One of Mojacar’s greatest claims to fame is its hotly disputed assertion that Walt Disney was born here. The story goes that he was the illegitimate son of a beautiful local washerwoman who fled to America to escape the disgrace and seek her fortune. Unable to provide for him, she gave him up for adoption to Flora and Elias Disney of Chicago. The tale can neither be proved nor disproved; his birth registration record has never been found – either in Chicago or in Mojacar (where all records were destroyed during the Spanish Civil War).


As the Costa Almeria is known to be the hottest, driest region of Spain with over 3,000 hours of sun each year, it makes for the perfect destination for tourists looking for a guaranteed sunshine holiday.

All in all Mojacar town and Mojacar Playa offers a fantastic combination of the traditional Spanish town with a lovely modern beach resort. A great place to relax and soak up the local ambiance and culture.