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Sell your property with Grupo Platinum

Do you want to sell your property in Almería, Murcia, Alicante or Malaga, in Spain? Our experience of selling your Spanish property, together with professionalism, multilingual staff and a large potential customer base, will ensure a prompt sale of your property in Spain. Don’t waste time. We already have someone looking to buy your home! We are a fully legal company and pride ourselves on this for the protection of all our clients. Extremely motivated team who love what we do, thats why we do it!

What do you need to sell your home in Spain

Here is a list of the basic information which will be required:

  • Copy of the title deeds
  • A current nota simple
  • Copies of the NIE numbers of the owners
  • Community fees receipt
  • IBI & basura (bin tax) receipts
  • Copies of the utility bills (electricity, water,..)
  • Copy of the mortgage payment (if applicable)
  • Energy certificate

Information on certificate of energetic efficiency of housings

From June 1 2013, the housings in sale or in rent must have a certificate of energy efficiency. If not being like that, the owners can be fined by sanctions from 300 up to 6.000€, for not having this certificate for sale or rental of a property. This certificate will specify by means of a scale of seven letters, from A to the G, the level of CO2 emissions of the building. Thus, there is claimed that the buyer or the tenant could value and to compare the energy efficiency as a factor added for the capture of decisions of purchase or rent of a housing.

The certificate has to of the owner of the building provides it. It is obligatory for all the constructions except the following cases:

  • For the housings hired for less than four months. (*)
  • Buildings isolated with less than 50 useful square meters.
  • And protected buildings in general

NEW PRICES: 121€ Inc Vat. Contact us urgently to arrange yours.

(*)The housings in sale or in rent across a real estate agency. The real estate agency must have the Certificate of Energy efficiency at the disposal of the possible tenants or buyers.